işmont 36. yıl

Why are we Leader in the Sector?

In Turkey's 'WORK CLOTHS' sector;

  • The oldest organization
  • The largest organization
  • The only organization with two separate factories manufacturing with the band system
  • The only organization having 12 retail and wholesale stores, of which 11 are in
  • Turkey and 1 is in Germany
  • The only organization that can respond to the needs of all business areas with different varieties
  • The only organization that offers quality to business world economically
  • The only organization that can follow every phase of production in computer environment with the ERP-MRP System
  • The only organization that always gives priority to customer satisfaction by providing service after sale
All together, these reveal why İŞMONT is leader in the sector. WE ARE LEADER IN THE SECTOR because we have a vision of becoming the biggest brand dressing workers of the whole world by our quality and different design.