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The Things You Should Attention When Buying Work Clothes

Determine your needs carefully... Design is important…

    Work Clothes have two objectives:
  1. It contributes to your corporate identity.
  2. It provides a comfortable, practical and fruitful work environment.

You should definitely consider these two points when choosing your corporate clothing. When choosing your worker's clothes, consider esthetical style along with your staff needs in the work place.

Create your budget

You should create a budget yearly for purchasing work clothes. Product prices vary according to quality. While you may use a quality product for 6 months, you may have to buy a low quality product for 3 times in a year. At this point, you should inspect your staff's needs and your work environment.

Choosing a Supplier

The most important point is choosing a supplier. You should evaluate each factor to tiniest details. In some cases, choosing the company that gives the cheap offer, may actually cost you more. You should know that cheap work clothes is not always the best option. The service that you'll receive from a company with a cheap offer, will definitely be of lesser quality.

Maintenance According to Fabric Type

Maintenance According to Fabric Type

It has high moisture absorption property. It is flexible and durable. When washed at high temperatures it can be discoloured and deformed. One should take care of washing, especially the dark coloured fabrics, separately. Especially the dark coloured fabrics should be taken care of washing separately.

Polyester Fabrics

Resistant to high temperatures. Does not crinkle easily, is quite stain-proof. Has good colourfastness.

Denim Fabrics

Certain denim fabrics may dye due to their contents. By washing such products separately or inside out, the formation of streaks on the fabric can be prevented. In long term usages the fabric may be worn and the shade may change.

Lycra Combined Fabrics

Contact with high temperature should be avoided. Lycra contained in the fabric may melt and shrink excessively.

Wool Fabric

The wool fabrics which have a great thermal insulation should be dry cleaned. They are quite open to felting and may form pills due to excessive friction. It is recommended to line dry such so that they will not be deformed. Washing at high temperatures causes shrinking.

Important Informationişmont iş elbiseleri
  • Take care of always wearing the products appropriate to your size.
  • Using according the cleaning instructions would prolong the life of your clothing. Make sure to regard the instructions.
  • Wash the woollen and acrylic products inside out and line dry and store folded.
  • Make a point of not using bleacher.
  • Do not dry your clothing under direct sun light.
  • For delicate fabrics such as woollen, satin etc use dedicated detergents.
  • Clean the PVC products only by wiping with a cloth using soap.
  • Do not iron the reflective tapes on the high visibility products.
  • Do not repair the damaged, torn or worn clothing, replace such with new ones.
  • Replace the products that have lost high visibility immediately with new ones.
  • Wash the printed products at 30°C and iron them inside out.
  • Prints cannot be applied on the products manufactured of PVC and Impertex fabric such as raincoats, windbreakers and anoraks due to the risk of melting in the intermediate dryers used in transfer by heat such as press or fixer.
  • The manufacturer does not assume any liabilities regarding the accidents due to misuse.