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The Construction of İŞMONT İ. HALİL BİLDİRİCİ INDUSTRIAL HIGH SCHOOL Has Been Completed, 09.18.2006

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After completing the construction of Industrial High School in Akyazı/Kuzuluk in September 2006,İşmont passed it to the Ministry of Education.The Industrial High School with 8 classrooms,whose foundation is layed by Cahit Kıraç,the Governor of Sakarya of that time and Halil Bildirici,the CEO of İŞMONT in June 2004,has opened it gates to its students on 09.18.2006,the first day of the school year 2006-2007.

Hüseyin Çelik, the Minister of National Education of that time showed his appreciation and gave a plaquette of appreciation to the philanthropic businessman,our CEO Mehmet Bildirici for his sen sensitivity to national education in a ceremony.By allowing the youth of our country to get vocational training and being a touchstone of education,our school is a source of pride for the community İŞMONT.

You can reach the web address of our www.ismonthalilbildirici.meb.k12.tr school through the link