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Automotive Sector Risks
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The history of the automotive industry is not far away. As a result of the important steps taken by human beings in the field of technology, automobiles could be produced. Today, in the automotive industry, smart machines and robots take place of the work done by human. While these developments reduce the dependence of the sector on the unqualified labor force, the automobile factories are one of the major sectors in which a significant number of people are employed. The automobile is one of the heavy sections of the manufacturing industry and more than 80% of the employees of the industry are inherently men.

According to the records of the USA Bureau of Statistics of Ministry of Labor, one of the sectors with the highest risk of accidents occurred is the automobile production field According to the statistics, one of three people working in the automobile industry is subjected to work accident each year. The work accident that every one of 10 people has occurred so heavy that the employee can’t do a work temporarily.

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Work Safety Problems in the Automotive Sector

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Accidents
  • Machine and Machine problems

Automotive Sector Work Accidents Causes

The furnaces vary according to the size of the work done, the density of the metal to be melted and the type of work done. When the metals are melted, it is used too much temperature. There are so many serious life-threatening risks while molten metal is poured into molds. A molten in over hundreds of degrees temperature spilling from the boilers can spill over near workers, which can cause burn to death or very serious regional burns.

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Used in cleaning the molds and removing the burrs from the molds, can also be very dangerous. While using these machines, the fast-spinning disk may be dangerous for the user.

When the body of the car is assembled, it is used some cutting and correcting machines on the assembly line. Cutting discs are used for burrs formed after welding and other places to be fixed during the assembly of the bodywork. These can cause cuts, deep tears or even torns.

When the all metal parts of car is done, it is sued some methods such as melting, molding, pressing and etching methods. Meanwhile, it is especially exposed to gas, evaporation and chemical dyes.

Conclusions and Suggestions

Dusts and situations as especially originated from silica and asbestos are very dangerous. Workers working in this area must minimize their contact with these dangerous dusts and gases by using respiratory protective devices as well as respirators and masks. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment is very important in this area.

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Many cutting and abrasive machines and tools are used during production. Against cutting, cut-resistant gloves to protect hands and body and protective soles and pads in (such as shoe soles, steel toe etc.) should be used.

During welding, sparks, burrs and UV radiation during welding are extremely dangerous for the eyes. For this reason, 3M glasses,shields and welding helmets should be used during welding.

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Safety In The Food Sector
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One of the essential needs of people is nutrition. Increasing population, developing industry and changing life conditions rapidly have increased the demand of the convenience food and its consumption. Today, the manufacturing sector of food products is one of the largest sectors in the world when the trade volume is considered.

Sector Risks

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The food industry, which has a wide range, takes in some sectors that have different characteristics from each other in terms of sub-branch. Meat and fish products, grains , fruits, sugar, milk and milk products, biscuits, breads, cakes and chocolates, liquid and solid oils and many other products are produced in this sector. Despite the wide variety of products, similar steps are followed basically in the food industry during the manufacturing phase. Foods are taken as raw, processed, packaged and then marketed for people to consume them .

Many physical and chemical processes are carried out in this process. Methods such as boiling, cooling, ionizing radiation, drying, storing in a cupboard, freezing, unwatering, sterilizing with antibiotics and using chemical preservatives are used to prolong the life of the foods and to prevent spoil of them.

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Accident Causes

When work accidents in our country are examined, it can be seen that work accidents that occurred in the food products manufacturing industry sector constitute about the part of 10% of total work accidents. Also, the food industry manufacturing sector is in the top 10 sectors in which the highest number of accidental deaths is seen.

In the graphic below, it is indicated the major accidents that have occurred in the food products manufacturing sector and the causes and rate of the accidents that require the rest more than three days.

  • Accidents due to manual handling
  • Accidents due to gliding and falling
  • Accidents due to falling from height
  • Accidents caused by pressing, mashing, cutting of one or multiple objects
  • Accidents caused by Machine tool of food products
  • Accidents due to chemicals and dust
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Conclusions and Suggestions

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Instead of manual handling, transportation activities can be minimized by using equipment such as conveyor belts, vacuumed conveyors, automatic load handling systems. When it is not possible to install transport systems, ergonomic working conditions must be provided and work safety equipment such as non-slip gloves and logistic gloves should be used.

Where it is necessary to ascend to high areas, it should be provided that only those who are authorized enter these zones and to block that the employees who are not authorized enter these zones. In addition, secured ladders and similar equipment should be used for access to these areas.

Where the fixed or falling object’s compression, crushing or cutting accidents occurs, the stored materials has to be fixed in shelfs where they are placed. As the knives used during meat cutting and chopping are very sharp, steel cord fabric gloves must be worn in unused hand and anti cut armlets and suitable protective equipment should be used to protect upper part of arm.

In case of accidents due to food preparation and processing, steel cord fabric gloves which are used in meat cutting and chopping may not be used while the cutting is made by machine. Slubbed rubber gloves must be used while adding or extracting the meat to the machine. In activities such as cleaning and maintenance of cutting blades, the cutter assemblies must be removed from the site after being sure that the machine has been safety stopped, and cut-resistant gloves should be provided to the maintainer.

In the phase of using of chemical substances are must be taken care and chemical substances shouldn’t be appeared redundant in the environment. In the chemical and dust environment, glasses, mask, hand and body protective equipment should be used while working in chemical and dust environment.

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Hazards and Risks related to health and safety at work
afety equipments, Work Safety equipments

Health and safety at work has traditionally been viewed as a developed area with legal regulations. Meanwhile, in recent years, employers and employees organizations representing various business lines, companies and governments have also become increasingly supportive of more different voluntary configuration that will make employee’s health and workplace safety more effective at work.

Also, the health and safety performance, quality of products, the after-sale services, transfer healthy and apprehensibly of consumer wise product information and providing of the definite technical safety in working conditions, work environment and the materials used with technology of the companies is not only to fulfill the legal obligations but also benefit the company to increase its reliability and image in public. In textile and ready wear sector, health and safety risks as noise, high temperature, tiring work, chemicals usage, musculoskeletal system disorders may be appeared.

Apart from the as per above hazards and risks related to health and safety at work, heavy load lifting and transport, poor lighting, fire accidents and repetitive movements may be seen as another factors which overhang the health in textile and ready wear sector.

Fleece Helps You Stay Warm

Today, the demand for polar products has increased considerably. Produced from polyester, The Fleece is a lightweight, bulky and fluffy fabric. Fleece fabrics have the ability of storing air between yarns. So it keeps your body warm. The use area of Fleece fabric is quite wide. Fleece fabrics are used in work clothes and home textiles in many product categories. Fleece in clothing textiles; As a coat, as an undergarment, as a neck rest and beret its production is quite high. Fleece is a product which helps to balance body heat thanks to its composition. That’s why fleece materials are preferred mostly in winter.

  • Keeps warm thanks to heat insulation
  • Breathable form
  • Lightweight
  • Does not take up
  • Does not feather
  • Thanks to its easy maintenance, it can be washed on the machine and dried quickly

Stay Warm Even in Winter Cold

In the 2017 winter season coat mode in outerwear, the fleece jacket is highly preferred this year. The Fleece neck rests and the Fleece berets will be the best protectors for you and your employees these days when the weather is cold. The Fleece jackets worn with another jackets or used alone, ensure a comfortable and light use by providing breathing of the body without sweating in daily life.

Ski mask; Your head and your face will be protected against the wind and ice cold! Fleece Snow Mask, snow mask provides optimum heat insulation and moisture transfer.

Undergarments; provide the optimum temperature. Its functional cuttings provide you the optimum movement freedom. Long and sport undergarments are ideal for sports such as skiing.

With the other thermal socks and thermal insoles are alternative options to provide you feel warm.

Polar products should be cleaned separately from other fabrics to block deformed and washed with tepid water. For drying, an open-air or a low-temperature drying machine can be used. The laundry bleach and bleach may never use because they damage the fabric. Dry cleaning and ironing may also be avoided

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Stay safe, be visible with Hi-Vis Products

This international standard defines the requirements of high visibility clothes that make the user visible. High visibility clothes are high security products produced with the aim of making the user visible under all kinds of daylight conditions.

High visibility clothes have fluorescent surfaces including reflective material separated into 3 different classes:

Class 3: The Highest Level Protection: For people working on motorway, two way roads or at airports. On Minimum 0.80m² floor, 0.20m² Retro-reflective material has to be applied. (5 cm wide reflective tape with a length of 4 meters)

Class 2: Middle Level : It is necessary for ones working in A or Class B roads or also cargo drivers the. On minimum 0,50m² floor, 0.10 m² retro reflective material has to be applied. (2.60mt, 5cm wide reflective tape.)

Class 1: Minimum Level: it is ideal for special way that requires minimum protection need or intersection work etc. that requires high class clothes. On 0.14m² retro-reflective on fabric, 10m2 fabric has to be applied (5m wide and 2m reflective tape)

Our high visible range is consisted of the most creative, technical and elegant products on the market.

Universally, health and safety has become a priority and the use of high visibility workwear has become important among all businesses.

Our wide range of High Visibility has been completely renewed. We assure you that all of our products are complied with EN ISO 20471, the latest version. The new standard has been published in October 2013 and has superseded of EN471.

Winning Healthy Wearing Clothes

Improving the health sector providing services on the diagnosis and treatment serves 7/24 The health sector is the sector in which the most intense hours of work due to the occurrence of accidents at work and occupational diseases. The risk of infection or damage to patient health personnel from radioactive and chemical substances used for treatment is very high.

Respiratory or take measures against infections that can be transmitted via blood is very important. In addition to protective equipment to be used as inspection, intervention, patient transportation, laundry, kitchen, store and staff clothing used all my technical service area should be frequently altered and sterilized, this anti be taken to hygienic conditions is the simplest measure..

Frequent washing and the use of costumes to choose high-quality long-resistant structure is important in economic terms.

Outstanding Production and Quality Fabrics

We have been producing for many years in the field of medical textiles as İŞMONT. Following today's medical textile developments, we produce high quality products designed for the use of appropriate modern medicine. Hospital quality fabrics we produce superior quality production combined with our uniform and long-term use is frequent washing resistant structure. Soft touch in products that come into direct contact to human skin as sweat Operation suits and used absorbent fabrics, good-looking anti-wrinkle polyester blended fabrics on clothing worn by doctors in aprons are used.

Hospital clothing category in our medical uniforms, nurse coat and pants, operating room and seizure team and apron such as clothing, as well as caps, clog slippers, shoe covers, expects many complementary products for you, such as masks and goggles.

Our hospital offers traditional clothing, as well as our stock, in accordance with the proper colors and you need to prepare your organization's corporate identity and can realize the production of special collections.

The most risky sectors in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

The health sector is evaluated in the Occupational Health and Safety risk group in terms. We are constantly improving our product quality to adapt to today's standards of quality in the health sector.

İŞMONT with experience in the sector will continue to be with you in all areas.

For cold working environments

Snow, rain, cold weather...

Adverse weather conditions of the winter season are a nightmare for outdoor workers.

Warming and dryness are a difficult situation in winter. If you want to keep warm, You need to stay dry. Waterproof garments which were made from thick fabric should be preferred in cold working environments. Garments should fit the body snugly without restricting freedom of movement.

Is there any product to help you stay dry, warm and comfortable?

İşmont offers you different garments as jacket, parka, pants and coverall etc. in this category.

Safety is important subject for products used in outdoor environments. Highly reflective tapes on body, arms and legs give you much better reflection and make you more secure and safer.

These products are quite light although dense interior thermal filling. PU Surface coating prevents rain water penetration into the interior surface.

İşmont goods are preferred in some outside industries as construction industry, warehousing, car wash station. İşmont goods are often preferred in some outside industries as construction industry, warehousing, car wash station.

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Su geçirmez
Reflektif Bant
Reflective tapes
Kullanıcı Dostu Tasarım
User-friendly design

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Considerations for Selecting Respirators

You can choose your respirators by the exposure dust or toxic gas type or by the occupational groups. In order to determine the actual risk factor and to choose the mask that you will use, please ask the public authorities to perform the required measurements and tests at your workplace.

  • Unique Design; Designed to give an aesthetic image.
  • Flexible; Comfortable use for any kind of face structure
  • Visibility; Designed in order not to affect the visibility of the user.
  • Easy Storage; With their foldable structure,
  • High Filtration Feature; Produced in accordance with the standards EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. They provide high quality of filtration with low breathing resistance at any prevention level.
  • Different Use Areas; Depending on the different protection levels, 24 different products have different alternatives.
  • Competitive Price: Suitable price for every budget.
  • Anti-allergic; Do not include any row materials harmful to human skin.

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Fabrics and Washing Instructions

Take care of your clothes; by carefully following the washing instructions you can help ensure they stay beautiful for longer. This chart will help you understand the meaning of the main symbols.

Fabrics Content Fabric Instructions Washing Gabardine 100% Cotton Twill işmont iş elbiseleri Polyester Gabardine (Glowtex) 85% Polyester 15% Cotton Twill Polyester Gabardine 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Twill Jean (Denim) 100% Cotton Twill Bondit 100% Polyester Canvas 100% Cotton Alpaca 65% Polyester 35% Viscose Twill Printed Alpaca 65% Polyester 35% Viscose Twill Fleece 100% Polyester Terrycotton 67% Polyester 33% Viscose Antistatic fabric 100% Polyester Impertex 100% Polyester Lycra fabric %64 Polyester, %33 Viskon, %3 Likra Acrylic 100% Polyester Satin fabric 100% Polyester Fresco seasonal 65% Polyester 35% Viscose twill Serge for winter 65% Polyester 35% Viscose twill Houndstooth fabric 67% Polyester 33% Viscose twill Pique knit 100% Cotton Melange Pique knit 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Combed Jersey knit 100% Cotton Two Yarn Sweatshirt 100% Cotton PVC 100% Polyester Polyester It’s only cleanable with wash
Protective Coveralls

Built for protection. Designed for comfort.

3M has a select range of high quality stylish protective coveralls offering breathable comfort and protection you can rely on. The range provides peace of mind for effective use and protection against many industrial hazards.

In addition to these products, we have CE approved practical work overalls and accessories series.

3M Coveralls offer a variety of features, from breathable panels for increased comfort, to the use of fabrics with specialist treatments for added liquid repellency. 3M Safety Solutions Specialists can also work closely with you to help define your issues, identify problems, and offer product solutions.

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